Join us for meaningful and creative worship!

Every Sunday morning at 10:30

Intergenerational Worship. The organ, piano, djembe drum, hammered dulcimer, and often the folk harp are instrumental in helping us worship God. We have an accessible entry. Fair Trade Coffee Hour follows worship. On the first Sunday of each month, we celebrate Communion, which is open to all.

Our Sunday morning schedule

10:20 | The Explorers Room opens for infants, toddlers, and 3s. These youngest ones are also welcome in worship.

10:30 | Worship begins. Children of all ages attend the first part of worship with their families.

11:00 | Midway through worship, children age 3 to Grade 8 depart for Sunday School. On the first Sunday of each month, children only depart for a 25-minute Chapel Time before returning to the Sanctuary to participate in Holy Communion.

11:30 | Fair Trade Coffee Hour. People of all ages linger a while to enjoy good company--and good food.

This Sunday's bulletin                            

St. Paul’s United Church of Christ

23rd Sunday after Pentecost

November 17, 2019  |  10:30 am


Journeying together toward deeper faith, justice, and love for all




PRELUDE                                      Sonata I, Parts 1 & 2                                    by Bach

                                                                                                            Geoff Olson, organ


LIGHTING THE CANDLES                                                                    Julia Wallinga

We light candles to symbolize the light of Christ in our midst





                                                                                                                                        Rev. Cindy Mueller


In this moment of stillness, we quiet our minds and open our hearts.

We give thanks for the good that surfaces in the stillness.


*GATHERING SONG                          God Is Here!                                                         #280

                                                                 verses 1, 3 & 4

*GATHERING PRAYER                                                                              Cole Spitzer

All-wise and loving God, we are drawn together in this place because all our knowledge and discernment is not enough to give meaning to our lives. All of the pieces of our busy days need a center, and we have come to see that center in the “foolishness” of the cross. There, Love went the distance for us. There, the paths of service were lifted up above our passion for personal gain. We are frightened by what you might ask of us, but we long for the wholeness only you can offer. Let the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts be acceptable to you, O Lord, our Rock and our Redeemer. Amen.


SOLO                                                   Let Us Love One Another        by Arnold B. Sherman

            Judith Melander, soloist  |  Diana Carlson, piano  |  text based on 1 John 4: 7–11


Beloved, let us love one another, for love comes from God,

and all who know and call upon his name are children of our Lord.

Beloved, this is what love is; not that we love God,

But that God loves us, and sent his only son to free us from our sin.


How can we not know our God? How can we not love our God?

He sent his only son, that we might live through him.

Is there greater love than this? Is there greater love than this?


Beloved, if this is how God loves, then we should love each other,

and live in perfect harmony with all, and God will live in us.

Let us love one another. Let us love one another.




PRAYER OF LONGING (all)                                                                         Rev. Clare Gromoll

Good and patient God, we are back again with the same problem. We are cut off from full communion with you and one another because we have sought to do what is good for us at the expense of others. We have spoken harshly and judged unfairly those sisters and brothers who need our love. We have inflicted hurt and made unfair demands. Forgive, we pray, the transgressions of your servants, and move us to appreciate your generosity. In thanksgiving for your compassion
we offer full pardon and acceptance to those who have wronged us. Amen.

Please continue in silent prayer and meditation


SILENT MEDITATION & INTERLUDE                                    Diana Carlson, piano






Offer a smile, a handshake, or a hug as a sign of the peace of Christ


*SUNG RESPONSE (all)                  I Am One Voice                                       by Don Eaton

2. We are two voices, we are singing...   

3. We are a hundred voices singing...


Copyright Don Eaton. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

For CDs, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Children & Youth may come forward during the singing




A SPECIAL TIME WITH YOUNG PEOPLE                                                              



Children: God be with you,

Congregation: And also with you.

Young people (age 3–Grade 5) and their leaders depart for Sunday School


A READING FROM THE HEBREW TESTAMENT    Exodus 20: 1–17           Mitch Nelson

A READING FROM PAUL’S LETTERS                        1 Corinthians 1: 1825

A READING FROM THE GOSPEL OF MARK           Mark 12: 2834

MESSAGE                                                                                                   Rev.Cindy Mueller


SONG (all, seated)                          Renew Your Church                                       #463

verses 1 & 4




PRAYERS OF THE PEOPLE                                                                                       

Response    One:    … God in your love,

                              All:        Hear our prayer.



There are different versions of the prayer Jesus taught, which is why we offer choices.
Please know you are welcome to recite the version that is most familiar or comfortable
to you. We want to make this prayer meaningful for all who choose to share in it.


Our Father/Mother, who art/is in heaven, hallowed/holy be thy/your name.
Thykingdom/Your kindom come, thy/your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil:
for thine/yours is the kingdom/kindom, and the power, and the glory forever. Amen.


THE INVITATION                                                                                                        


OFFERTORY                                       My Jesus, I Love Thee            by Adoniram J. Gordon

                                                                                                          arr. Stephen Nielson


*SUNG RESPONSE (all)                                                                        OLD HUNDREDTH


From all who dwell beneath the skies, Let the Creator’s praise arise!

Let the Redeemer’s name be sung through every land, by every tongue! Amen.



We bring our offerings, O God, not to buy your favor, but to express our gratitude; not to support an institution, but to further your mission. We support the church in its efforts to challenge the false wisdom that pervades our culture. We seek to make this community of faith a center of values that are consistent with your will. May we be zealous in your service, willing to sacrifice for love’s sake, and eager to embrace your word in our everyday living. Amen.


*CLOSING SONG(all)         God of Grace and God of Glory                              #464

                                                               verses 1, 4 & 5



POSTLUDE                                       Sonata I, Part 3                                        by Bach

We carry the light of Christ out into the world!


The Postlude is a time of worship and meditation for many people.

You are invited to remain and enjoy the Postlude in silence

or depart to the lobby for fellowship and conversation.


Rev. Cindy Mueller Interim Lead Minister  |  Rev. Clare Gromoll Associate Minister

Judith Melander Director of Music  |  Geoffrey Olson Organist



Today  |  November 17  |  Fall Food Drive

  •   9:00 am   Health & Wholeness Breakfast 1  |  Fireside Room
  •   9:00 am   Childcare (infants–Grade 5)  |  Explorers Room
  •    9:15 am   OWL (Grades 1–3)  |  Trailblazers Room
  • 10:20 am   Explorers Room opens (infant & toddler care)
  • 10:30 am   Worship  |  Sanctuary
  •   11:00 am   Sunday School  |  various rooms
  •   11:30 am   Fair Trade Coffee Hour  |  lobby
  •   11:30 am   Blood pressure checks  |  office
  •   11:45 am   Artisan Festival Planning Team  |  Fireside Room
  •   11:45 am   Rehearsal for Live Advent Wreath  |  Sanctuary
  •   12:15 pm   Inquirers Gathering  |  Conference Room
  •   12:15 pm   Reinecke/Salstrom Endowment Board  |  office
  •    5:15 pm   Evensong service with Folk Ensemble  |  Sanctuary

Monday November 18  |  Office closed

  •   7:00 pm   Widening Circle Women’s AA  |  Fireside Room

Tuesday November 19

  •    5:30 pm   Finance Committee  |  Conference Room
  •   6:30 pm   SPCC Board of Directors  |  Conference Room

Wednesday November 20

  •    6:30am   Women’s AA  |  Fireside Room
  •   6:00 pm   Wednesday evening meal  |  lobby
    •    6:10 pm   Journey of Faith  |  Transition Together: Steps on Our Journey Forward  |  Fireside Room
  •   6:30 pm   Childcare  |  Explorers Room
  •   6:30 pm   Youth Group  |  Upper Room
  •    7:30 pm   Sanctuary Choir rehearsal  |  Music Room

Thursday November 21

  •    6:30am   11th Step Meditation  |  Fireside Room
  •       Noon   Soup & Substance  |  Fireside Room
  •    1:00 pm   Seamsters  |  Fireside Room
  •   7:00 pm   Ministry Board  |  Fireside Room
  •    7:15 pm   Earthwise Committee/Creation Justice Team  |  Conference Room

Friday November 22

  •    6:15 pm   OA  |  Fireside Room

Saturday November 23

  •    7:30 am   2nd Men’s AA  |  Great Hall
  •   9:00 am   Men’s AA  |  Great Hall
  •   9:30 am   Covenant Ringers rehearsal  |  Music Room

Sunday November 24  

  •   9:00 am   Health & Wholeness Breakfast 2  |  Fireside Room
  •   9:00 am   Childcare (infants–Grade 5)  |  Explorers Room
  •    9:15 am   OWL (Grades 1–3)  |  Trailblazers Room
  • 10:20 am   Explorers Room opens (infant & toddler care)
  • 10:30 am   Worship  |  Sanctuary
  •   11:00 am   Sunday School  |  various rooms
  •   11:30 am   Fair Trade Coffee Hour  |  lobby
  •       Noon   Transition Together: Steps on Our Journey Forward, Part 2  |  Fireside Room
  •   4:30 pm   Children’s Ministry Committee  |  Conference Room
  •   6:30 pm   Confirmation  |  Fireside Room

Unique offerings

Evensong Service with Folk Ensemble | Monthly, September through May

Our next Evensong service will be November 17. There will be no Evensong service in December.

Click here for a short video about this service. 

Special services and experiences

Palm Sunday

Our Palm Sunday service ushers in Holy Week with songs, a giant Jesus figure, and the waving of palms--reminiscent of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem, beginning the days leading through the Last Supper, his arrest, crucifixion, and death, and resurrection on Easter morning.

Health & Wholeness Sunday

Health & Wholeness Sunday was March 11. The theme for both the breakfast and worship was Caregiving. 

German language services 

Every year, to honor the heritage of the founders of this now-diverse community, we offer two German language services--a Good Friday service and a Christmas service (third Sunday of Advent).

A Light in the Darkness  |  December 21, 7:00 pm

This annual Christmas Solstice service offers an exceptional time of reflection in a busy time of year. A Light in the Darkness also provides a special opportunity for travelers who will be unable to attend Christmas services with other members of their communities. 

Tenebrae service on Good Friday

We also hold a service of Tenebrae (or shadows) on Good Friday. It features a dramatic reading of the Passion story as recounted in the Gospels, as well as moving music and the enveloping darkness as Jesus Christ moves through death and departs from us. Many find that attending this service is an essential step on the journey to more fully appreciating the powerful message of Easter.

Totenfest  |  All Saints Sunday

Throughout Christian history, the church has celebrated the lives of faithful people who have died. Totenfest is the distinctive practice that grows out of the Evangelical tradition of the United Church of Christ. Because of our congregation's German heritage, Totenfest has always been an important remembrance for us, celebrated near the end of the church calendar year and closely associated with All Saints Day. We celebrate Totenfest every year on All Saints Sunday, the first Sunday in November.


Worship Times

Sunday Morning

10:30 am
Nursery and toddler care provided
Sunday School for children
11:30 Fair Trade Coffee Hour

Evensong Service 
with Folk Ensemble

3rd Sundays @ 5:15 pm,
September through May,
except Easter Sunday.
Light refreshments follow

900 Summit Avenue
Saint Paul 55105
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